360 Media Watch

About Us

Media monitoring and client
support you can rely on.

360 MediaWatch monitors the media – TV, radio, print and online – around the clock, and around the world. Communications professionals from a wide range of industries, including PR agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies, rely on our thoroughness, professionalism and advanced technology to capture their coverage and provide a 360-degree view of the media landscape.

The goal of our news tracking and media analysis services is to take you deeper, help you read between the lines, and make more informed, strategic decisions. Our team of experienced research and media professionals provides real-time media intelligence in formats that are easy to read, interpret, and put to immediate use – right from your desktop.

In an age of information overload, 360 MediaWatch provides highly responsive, 24/7 support. When a story breaks, we’re prepared to spring into action, and stay on the alert throughout the news cycle. When it’s time to plan your next move, we’re here to deliver the hard facts and the subtle implications of what people are seeing, hearing, reading and saying.

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