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Radio Monitoring

More markets. Deeper coverage.
Real radio expertise.

Make no mistake: Talk is hot. The relevance of radio in the digital age is often underestimated, but in fact broadcast media, including TV and radio, continue to have the greatest impact on public opinion. Streaming continuously into people's homes, workplaces and cars, radio is the most popular source of news during the day, and stands on the front lines of breaking news.

360 MediaWatch covers more than 2,000 radio stations nationwide in real time, including Spanish radio stations. Our team includes experienced broadcast specialists to help capture and monitor your coverage, whether planned or unplanned. Because radio is hyper-local, this kind of intelligence can be used to tailor communications strategies to the "man on the street" level.

Advanced speech-to-text voice recognition technology enables us to create a searchable database of your radio coverage. When someone mentions your organization (or any other terms you want to capture) on the air, we can alert you via email with the text transcript.

Leverage your radio coverage with these cost-effective tools:

News Radio Tracking Reports: In order to help you understand and use your radio coverage, we provide comprehensive reports including audience profiles, ad value and market rankings.

Commercial Tracking: Maximize your advertising dollars by staying on top of your commercial airtime: when your radio spots run, how many times they run, and who's listening.

Competitive Intelligence Monitoring: What your competitors are saying and what's being said about them can be as valuable as your own coverage. We capture and analyze their ads, their mentions and more.

Radio Media Tour (RMT) Tracking: We help you make the most of your RMTs by tracking and recording everything that airs in connection with them - interviews, commercials and commentary - and providing radio clips as well as text transcripts.

Radio Clips in a Variety of Formats: We can deliver your radio segments in a variety of workable formats including MP3, WAV and PCM.

Spanish Radio Monitoring: We cover the nation's Hispanic media footprint, monitoring Spanish-language broadcasts on over 175 Hispanic radio stations nationwide, keeping you on top of coverage within this significant and rapidly growing market. We have bilingual staff, and can provide English translations and transcripts.