360 Media Watch

Executive Reports

The day's most important news.
Straight to the point.

360 MediaWatch has the ability to capture everything about your organization, products and competitors that appears in print, on the radio, on TV and online. But when you're generating a high volume of media coverage, you need to narrow your focus.

Our Executive Reports are designed to enhance your day-to-day decision-making, delivering only the day's most important news - the print articles, airtime and online trending topics that could impact your stock price, alter the competitive landscape, or affect your business strategy.

Dedicated analysts scan all of your media coverage and deliver a daily e-brief that gives you actionable intelligence at a glance. It includes not only your TV and news clips, but the analysis that tells you how effective it is, and how to use it. It highlights the major trends and the most compelling voices, so your business plans stay well informed, and you're able to keep employees, executives and stakeholders informed as well.

You can customize your Executive Reports to focus on the media coverage that's most important to you and most relevant to your current projects, events, and other defining matters on your timeline.