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Comprehensive Coverage.
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Whether in people's living rooms or on their mobile devices, broadcast media, including TV and radio, have the greatest impact on public opinion. Acting as your eyes and ears, 360 MediaWatch monitors TV coverage across all 210 DMA markets, tracking more than 1,500 stations nationwide. We also provide international TV monitoring through our extensive global network of partners.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that you're aware of every mention related to your organization, clients, competitors and industry – and you can view your coverage soon after it airs, using the industry's highest quality video. Since we live in an age of 24/7 news and information, we provide highly responsive 24/7 customer support.

Media intelligence, intelligently delivered.

360 MediaWatch offers flexible, competitively priced solutions. We can provide scheduled (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) or e-mail notifications when your stories run, and deliver coverage in a variety of formats including digital (MPEG1, MPEG2, MP3, Windows Media, Real Media, Quicktime, MPEG4/H.264), DVD and transcripts.

Our service includes these powerful tools:

New! HD TV Clips: Now you can receive your TV clips in brilliant HD for the clearest picture of how the world is seeing you. High Definition video, available in a variety of resolutions and formats including streaming video and DVD.

Monitoring Reports: Helping you understand your media coverage and use it to craft informed communications strategies is our ultimate goal. Our reports give you expert analysis, backed by hard facts including Nielsen data, ad/publicity value and market rankings.

News On Demand: This customizable dashboard allows you to access all of the coverage you subscribe to (TV, Radio, Print and Web) in one spot. An intuitive interface, viewable on any browser, makes it easy to view, organize, analyze, share and archive all of your media assets.

Instant Digital Access (IDA): You get instant access to your coverage online in the form of a video gallery. Your IDA account can be an invaluable tool for tracking campaigns and monitoring media and consumer attitudes. 

Spanish Media Monitoring

No one can afford to ignore the U.S. Hispanic population, which now surpasses 50 million, according to the Census Bureau. We cover the nation’s significant and rapidly growing Hispanic media footprint, monitoring Spanish-language broadcasts in over 50 U.S. television markets plus major network programming. We have bilingual staff, and provide Spanish captioning and manually logged notes. Translation and transcription services are also available.