360 Media Watch

Print Tracking

Continuous print monitoring.
Up-to-the-minute news clips.

Whenever your organization, clients and competitors appear in print, you'll be among the first to know. 360 MediaWatch continuously tracks news and editorial content in thousands of daily, weekly and monthly print publications including newspapers, consumer magazines, trade and business journals, wire services and more, from the local through the international level.

Our comprehensive print monitoring service includes digital press clippings, delivered individually or as part of an integrated report with your TV and radio coverage.

You're in print. Now what?

Staying on top of your print coverage enables your organization to react to press in a timely fashion, and also be proactive by shaping opinions in light of shifting public perceptions.

When your print coverage hits the newsstands, 360 MediaWatch will alert you immediately. Or, you can opt for reports on a scheduled basis. For example, you can set up daily email reports to alert you when a new story posts, and use our online reporting tools to summarize your press coverage. Parameters such as circulation figures, outlet information, sentiment ratings and publicity value are at your disposal, enabling you to better understand the impact of your print coverage and plan how to use it to your advantage.