360 Media Watch

Web/Social Media Monitoring

Online news tracking,
world-wide and web-wide.

According to the UN’s agency for information and communication technologies, more than two billion people (one-third of the world’s population) use the Internet. 65% of online adults use social networking sites, and nearly half of all American adults own smartphones. (Source: Pew Internet) In this hyper-connected world, you need to be just as connected.

360 MediaWatch is all over the web, all the time. We track and organize approximately 37,000 news sources and millions of blogs, message boards and social media sites, including Spanish websites, so you always know what the online world is seeing and saying about your organization.

Better yet, we get down to the local level like no other service. The Internet is the #1 source people rely on for information about local businesses. Only 360 MediaWatch has the ability to narrow searches to the regional and local levels, enabling you to manage your online reputation, measure the effectiveness of advertising and more in specific locations.

Connect with influencers. Shape your story.

Because there’s much more to your online presence than clicks and page views, 360 MediaWatch digs deeper to help you understand and engage with your online audience, analyzing social media buzz, consumer behavior and trends to provide a 360-degree view of the online media landscape.

We can send email alerts notifying you immediately when new articles and relevant posts appear online. You can then run reports on your posts with powerful metrics like traffic ranking, web reach and more to easily demonstrate campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Your online media coverage can be fully integrated with print, TV and radio coverage on our News On Demand dashboard, which enables you to view, organize, search, share and archive all of your Internet clippings and other media assets.