360 Media Watch

Crisis/Competitive Monitoring

Media monitoring at the most critical times.

Staying on top of your media coverage is always important - but in times of crisis, and when activity spikes among your competitors, it becomes critical. We cover all fronts, 24/7, and deliver integrated reporting and analysis including TV, radio, print and web/social media.

Crisis Monitoring:
The intelligence you need to manage the situation.

360 MediaWatch provides real-time media tracking to help you develop and manage communication strategies during a crisis situation. News spreads rapidly, particularly in the early stages. We can get on it immediately, and stay on it consistently.

As soon as a crisis erupts, we'll set up your reports, and make ourselves available to you around the clock. Our analysts scan all media coverage and deliver information to you as frequently as you choose, and in as detailed a format as you choose. We stay alert throughout all stages of the crisis, so your team is free to respond effectively.

Competitive Monitoring:
Always know what your competitors are up to.

Henry Ford described competition as "the keen cutting edge of business." It's what drives us to excel, making it essential to have your eye on the competition at all times - particularly when they're in the spotlight.

Through comprehensive media monitoring, reporting and analysis, we give you a 360-degree view of the competitive landscape. If a competitor is making headlines, whether releasing a new product, expanding, or undergoing a change in leadership, you'll be among the first to know what's happening, and what people are seeing and saying about it.